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May Shop Update

There are three new items in the shop today.  Two more upcycled earbud stitchmarker sets

and a choker made from the cable of a circular necklace.


Purple Heart Choker

The bail is also made from earbud cord.  The two beads were stashed years ago, left over from a handfasting cord I made for some friends’ wedding years ago.


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Ridiculously Excited

So, I have to admit I’ve not been putting the energy I should into the shop.  I got a little discouraged. I even pulled out the two Easter Minis I’d made and gave them to my nieces.

I haven’t uploaded anything for a month.

…and then…

we got our first sale!

Three sets of recycled earbud stitch markers went to a lovely customer in West Virginia.  ALL the earbud stitch markers I have made.  I’ve printed out the labels, and the envelopes are loaded are ready to go out tomorrow.

I’m energized, and making more for the shop.  I’m even talking Jan into a shopkeeper photo, so you can all get an idea of who you’re dealing with.  I’m feeling silly-excited, and a little bit nervous even.  I can’t wait to get feedback from the customer, and looking forward to more of this.




















































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About Menagie-Minis

Happy Mini

The Menagie-Mini just wants to be your best friend. It will be happy to go wherever you go, listen to everything you tell it, and never judge you (even a little bit). It’s a low-maintenance companion, easy to clean up after, and inexpensive to feed.

However, should the clock-tide turn and the need arise (or should your whimsy lead you to do so) through a simple procedure…

Treated Mini

you can turn your Menagie-Mini into a proper tribute to your Furry Overlords.  They won’t object, or even mind!

Feed Mini

…and the Overlords will be most pleased as well.

Happy Cat 2


Hope you enjoyed this!  Please let me know in the comments.  There are a couple of Menagie-Minis in the shop if you want to try this on your own Overlords.


They’re NOT “Fur-Babies”, They’re “Furry Overlords”

So, a couple of weeks ago Jan got some herbal tea.

Catnip Tea

She gave some to Steve, and to his sister, Lisa.  Lisa wasn’t fond of it, but Steve enjoyed it a lot.  He brought some home to share with me.

He noticed that Comet (the gray cat) was very interested in it, but shooed him away and thought nothing of it.  A couple of days later I was feeling a bit under the weather, and asked him to make me some tea.  He asked me which kind (we have a LOT of different teas) and I said to surprise me.  So he made me a mug.  It was nice, kind of minty, kind of lemony, with just a hint of anise (I love anise in tea).  I drank it while watching something on Hulu.  When I looked up, both cats were hovering over me, with intense interest.

It was kind of spooky.

It took me a moment, but I took a guess as to what was happening.  Some quick Googling about traditional medicine, and I was pretty sure.  (Meanwhile Steve distracted the cats by offering them toys).

Next time I was at Jan’s, I took a look at the box.  Sure enough, the tea has catnip in it….

This inspired me to put some small toys in the shop.  Suitable for Easter basket stuffers or for tributes to your own furry overlords.


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The Thing With the Earbuds

My husband has a pair of earbuds he has had for over a year. He takes good care of them, wraps them up carefully and never leaves them where the kittehs can get them.

I am not my husband. Mine get misplaced, or get tangled, or caught in the car door. I now shop for bargain pairs, so they occasionally just give out on their own.

I never want to just throw them . I would feel guilty adding metals and plastic to the trash stream, and wasteful to boot. I keep thinking they must be good for something. So I’ve just squirreled them away, waiting for inspiration to hit. Earbuds

I’ve got a couple of stitch markers up in the shop, and I’ve been thinking that they might also make nice bracelets, but I’m sure there’s more that can be done with them.

Have you ever made anything from earbud cords?  Please comment with your thoughts and suggestions, I’d love more inspiration.

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Hello there, and welcome to the brand-spanking-new blog for the (very nearly) new Etsy shop Menagerie Imagery.  We expect it will take a little while for us to ‘find our feet’, so please bear with us.

At least for now, this blog says we’re “Making things from stuff for reasons“.  That’s a slightly roundabout way of saying that we’re crafting items, often, but not always, from found and re-purposed objects.  Jan is retired, and Lise is a stay-at-home-mom whose children have grown up.  We’ve found ourselves with more time than money, and we’ve noticed that sometimes the things we’ve made (though we love them) tend to accumulate around our homes more than truely be used.  So we hope to share our love of craft, and hopefully find homes for some of our creations as well.

We’d love to get feedback from you on what we’re doing, and just to get to know you.