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Happy Mini

The Menagie-Mini just wants to be your best friend. It will be happy to go wherever you go, listen to everything you tell it, and never judge you (even a little bit). It’s a low-maintenance companion, easy to clean up after, and inexpensive to feed.

However, should the clock-tide turn and the need arise (or should your whimsy lead you to do so) through a simple procedure…

Treated Mini

you can turn your Menagie-Mini into a proper tribute to your Furry Overlords.  They won’t object, or even mind!

Feed Mini

…and the Overlords will be most pleased as well.

Happy Cat 2


Hope you enjoyed this!  Please let me know in the comments.  There are a couple of Menagie-Minis in the shop if you want to try this on your own Overlords.


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