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Ridiculously Excited

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So, I have to admit I’ve not been putting the energy I should into the shop.  I got a little discouraged. I even pulled out the two Easter Minis I’d made and gave them to my nieces.

I haven’t uploaded anything for a month.

…and then…

we got our first sale!

Three sets of recycled earbud stitch markers went to a lovely customer in West Virginia.  ALL the earbud stitch markers I have made.  I’ve printed out the labels, and the envelopes are loaded are ready to go out tomorrow.

I’m energized, and making more for the shop.  I’m even talking Jan into a shopkeeper photo, so you can all get an idea of who you’re dealing with.  I’m feeling silly-excited, and a little bit nervous even.  I can’t wait to get feedback from the customer, and looking forward to more of this.





















































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